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Come join Mark Anthony in his lifelong study of traditional and classical drawing.

Following the traditional models of European ateliers, which span back 500 years to the Italian Renaissance (16th century), Mark Anthony teaches a fundamental analysis and understanding of traditional observational drawing and poetic realism based on great masterworks, sculpture and the live model. 

Each session is filled with practical lessons revealing observational, structural, anatomical spatial and ideal concepts which lead the student logically through a solid execution and finishing of eloquent artworks. Demonstrations and fundamental principles are presented for all levels of experience.

Come join a long line of great artists who carried forward the grand tradition of poetic observational realism and classical drawing. 

For information about scheduled classes and workshops at Dene Croft Studios, 118 Pemberton Avenue, in North Vancouver, please click on the button below:

All levels of experience welcome!

PS: To read more about Mark's work, click here.

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The Mark Anthony Drawing Group

The Mark Anthony drawing group study program is specifically designed to help artists and enthusiasts develop an extensive comprehension and understanding of visual truths. This objective enables them to successfully work in a live-model environment with great confidence. Entrants enjoy building upon a clear practical and logical fundamental foundation from structure to finishing all within an inspiring environment of classical dance.

Classical Beauty in its most elegant form

We honour the great 19th century French master Edgar Degas who turned the art world on its head by defining beauty in the most expressive way through impressionistic depictions of classical dance at the Paris Opera Ballet. Join Mark Anthony as he gently leads you into a live-model study in poetic realism using dancers in traditional poses and positions. This relaxed workshop builds upon the principles underlying the great visual understanding of the classically trained Mr. Degas and his powerful way of expressing his love for the human form. Each entrant will enjoy brief lectures on basic drawing, light, form, proportion, anatomy, drapery and composition.
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You can reach Mark Anthony by using the contact form below or by calling 778.997.6405.